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Create A Bullet-Proof Hiring Plan
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The only thing worse than hiring the wrong person for a role is when you realize  you've been hiring for the wrong position all along.
The Lean Hiring Plan system gives you a clear, vision-driven, and flexible Strategic Hiring Plan.
Streamline Your Process
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When you know which position(s) you need to hire, what do you do next?
If you like saving a TON of time and energy, you use The Hiring Blueprint to easily map out exactly who you're looking for and how you'll know when you've found your ideal candidate.
Hack Your 
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Already have an established Recruiting workflow you've been using for years, and you feel  like it could just use a few tweaks? Get my highly-praised book Hack Your Hiring: The Tactical Toolkit To Find, Evaluate, and Hire A+ Talent
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I have published a wealth of articles, podcast episodes & interviews, videos, worksheets, and courses covering a wide range of ways to make hiring easier.

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