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Every Great Employer Knows The 7 Keys To Stress-Free Hiring
In this short 34 page digital guide, you'll discover the 7 Key Areas where hiring problems like to hide, and how you can permanently put an end to hiring stress & frustration!
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You Need Talented People To Grow & Scale Your Business... But You Already Knew That
As the speed of business continues to accelerate, I see so many overwhelmed leaders who are strapped for time & resources, and I feel for you.

And I know that you know having the right people in place could free up your time & focus ... and it pains me to see folks like yourself spending SO much time & energy on ineffective & unproductive Hiring activities, stressing yourself out in the process. 

It pains me even more because I had this exact experience many years ago, in my role as an Engineering exec at a small startup.

It would take months to make a single hire, and over the first 18 months or so I made almost as many bad hires as I did good ones.

However, what I learned over the years, and what you will learn inside the Hire Smarter, Hire Faster digital guide is
  • ... That any hiring process is nothing more than a SYSTEM
  • ... Once you identify the dysfunctional pieces in ANY system, it can be fixed, tweaked, improved, and optimized
  • ​... There are 7 KEY ELEMENTS that exist in ALL Recruiting systems, and how the way you handle each one determines whether hiring is stressful or stress-free.
  • ​... How addressing problems in any one of these 7 Key Areas will better equip you to hire GREAT talent more quickly... all while saving you a TON of time and effort.
I get it. Hiring is a means to an end ... and that end is having the ability to more easily grow & scale your organization and your business. Hiring great talent is THE KEY to that success.

With this guide, you will see what it looks like to

  • ... Define a Position in 3 distinct parts that will attract the best-and-brightest
  • ... Look in the RIGHT places for talent (it's not where you might think)
  • ​... Effectively filter out the signal from the noise
  • ​... Be confident in every hiring decision you make
  • ​... Ensure that the people you want to hire also want to come work for you.

So don't waste any more time! Get your free digital guide and #MakeHiringEasy now!


Shaun P. Martin

Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of Rebase LLC
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