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This page contains links to a number of free and low-cost resources providing a variety of important Hiring solutions.
What Do You Want To Know?
  • Understand the Conditions and Behaviors that lead to all your Hiring Struggles
    Podcast: The REAL Causes Of Hiring Pain (Part 1 | Part 2)
  • Why most Employers (and most Job-Seekers) are looking in the wrong place
    Podcast: Where To Find Your Next Great Hire (Part 1 | Part 2)
  • 75 Simple Strategies and Tactics to Make Hiring Easier
    Book: Hack Your Hiring (Book | Audible | Kindle)
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I Can Help You With That

Hi, I'm Shaun P Martin, and I've been exactly where you are. I spent my first year as an Executive & Hiring Manager completely stuck, experiencing countless failures, setbacks, and hiring mistakes. 
I finally got fed up, refusing to fail at something so important (and something that seemed like it should be easier). For the next several years I committed myself to...

  • Learn and Understand the systems behind effective recruiting
  • Experiment to learn what works and what simply doesn't
  • Master the rules, best practices, and principles behind why some companies can hire EASILY while others CONTINUE to STRUGGLE
  • ​I then used those underlying principles to create, test, and refine the most simple and effective Hiring frameworks on the planet ... 
  • ​I repeatedly put these frameworks to the test, simply to prove they are systems that will work in ANY business across practically EVERY industry
  • ​Here's the kicker: They're specifically formulated to work BEST for busy Leaders in Small-to-Medium Businesses

People Have Asked Me, "Do You Really LOVE Hiring?" 
In Reality, I'm Just Like You: I Just Want It To Be Easy.

I just published this 34-page Guide that will show you the Keys to Stress-Free Hiring. 
Take your first step and get your copy absolutely free. Just click the button below to subscribe and get this jam-packed Guide delivered right to your inbox.
Create A Bullet-Proof Hiring Plan
Link #1  |  Link #2  |  Link #3
The only thing worse than hiring the wrong person for a role is when you realize  you've been hiring for the wrong position all along.
The Lean Hiring Plan system gives you a clear, vision-driven, and flexible Strategic Hiring Plan.
Streamline Your Process
Link #1  |  Link #2  |  Link #3
When you know which position(s) you need to hire, what do you do next?
If you like saving a TON of time and energy, you use The Hiring Blueprint to easily map out exactly who you're looking for and how you'll know when you've found your ideal candidate.
Hack Your 
Link #1  |  Link #2  |  Link #3
Already have an established Recruiting workflow you've been using for years, and you feel  like it could just use a few tweaks? Get my highly-praised book Hack Your Hiring: The Tactical Toolkit To Find, Evaluate, and Hire A+ Talent
Link #1  |  Link #2  |  Link #3
I have published a wealth of articles, podcast episodes & interviews, videos, worksheets, and courses covering a wide range of ways to make hiring easier.

Hear What Others Are Saying...
"Before working with him, I felt … there was just a lack of confidence, I never had a system and I’m very systems-oriented... 

If you’re evaluating your hiring process, or auditing it, or looking for help, whether it’s to look for one key new employee or to build out an entire department, I’d definitely recommend investing."
Zee Ali
"After thinking through all the steps and looking at the big picture, we were able to more clearly see the areas we were most vulnerable in and needed to focus on. 

 I feel much more confident we’re moving in the right direction. I would certainly use this same system in the future to evaluate hiring.
If you’re looking at something to help you decide your “must-haves” in a new position or positions, I would definitely recommend this process."
Aaron Dulaney
"We work with so many medium/early-stage companies at Blue Sky Partners, and hiring always comes up as an area companies need help with. 

We're excited to have Shaun's expertise available to us and to our clients as we help them navigate the process."
Nathan Ryan
Blue Sky Partners
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